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The Customer Relationship Management or CRM module of Interprise can be used standalone or as part of a fully integrated crm software package. As a fully integrated package it includes eCommerce and Accounting Software.
It was designed for small to medium sized businesses. It has mid market CRM software features like Campaigns, Case Management, Target Lists etc but without the complexity and cost usually associated with implementing them.
The same client is loaded to the workstation regardless of whether you intend to run it over the Internet or LAN or a mixture of both.

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CRM Features
Some features of CRM. The PDF above is better as it also shows you images to go with each feature.

Contact or Entity Centred Views
You can see all the notes, Activities, Cases, Documents, Campaign Waves linked to each Entity or by Contact record. You get both a Contact and an Entity View or filter. EG in the General tab you see all notes but when looking at a contact and the notes tab it will just show the notes linked to the contact you are looking at.

360 Degree Views of Customer Transactions and Activities.
See all Notes, Emails, Cases, Opportunities, Campaign Waves, Activities like Meetings, Calls, Call Backs, To Dos, Document Attachments, Custom Pricing with Qty breaks, Transaction History, Outstanding Orders/Quotes, Recent Sales, Aged Debt Analysis etc. in one form. Track & Manage

Leads are effectively like buying a database or web enquiries.

Track & Manage Prospects
Prospects are hot leads and some specific contact has been made with regards to their requirements.

Convert Leads to Prospects or Customers & Opportunities
With one click you can convert a lead to both a Prospect & Opportunity.

Calendar Views for Meetings, To-Dos, Calls, Call Backs & Cases.
When scheduling a meeting or resource you can see other peoples availability.Mark Calendar Items as Private. These can be marked as private so people can see your busy but not what you are doing.

Calendar Filters & Grouping
Most Calendar items can grouped and filtered by any criteria. Case Management Dashboard & Escalation
You can see outstanding cases that are overdue in red, half way through the SLA as amber and overdue in red. Cases can also be grouped, filtered and sorted using any criteria like assigned to.

Call Out or Job Sheet
A print out can be done if an on site call out is required with relevant case details and area for the customer to sign.User Defined Stages
You can define your own sales cycle stages. EG you could have Quote, Meeting, Awaiting Order or Another Meeting Required.

Link to Document or Quote or Multiple Quotes
It depends what your service or product is to decide how you use opportunities. You could just enter an opportunity with details and enter an order value. You could also attach a word document or spreadsheet to the opportunity. If you are a product that can quote using the quote form then this can be assigned to the opportunity. When you convert a quote to an order it will automatically complete the opportunity as well.

Opportunity Value based on Quoted or Margin Revenue
Customer Enquiry can see all Assigned Opportunities
Quote using Stock, Kits, Matrix Items & Free Text Items
Quote with Special Pricing
Convert Quotes to Orders with the click of a button.
Print, Fax or Email quotes direct from the system

Create Target lists from Leads, Prospects & Customers
You can chose to pick main contact or all contacts within a Prospect or Customer.Use any fields including custom fields to filter the list

Use sales and quote history
If you want to see who you quoted but did not buy a particular item or items from a product group or just people who bought a type of item. EG lets say you got lots of keyboards in the warehouse which you want to get rid of then a good idea is to market an offer to people who have bought keyboards from your before or any computer base units or monitors.Target lists can be easily exported to Excel or csv. You can create a list to use in email sending software easily or for smaller numbers email, fax or print (letter merge) from Interprise directly.

Campaigns can group numerous Waves together
Waves can be for email, fax, calls, and printed letter These are based on target lists.

Outbound Call Management
Outbound Calls are assign to a User and a user has a call interface to say got through, call back etc.

Email Client for sending Documents such as statements, invoices, order etc.
Not designed as a replacement for Outlook but a user can send simple emails as well as documents.Emails can be marked as private or public. When viewing a customer or supplier you can see the emails, faxes sent.

Lowest Cost Route
When sending a document the system can decide to send by the lowest cost route, i.e. if they have an email address it will email them, of they don’t then fax them, of they don’t have a fax then print it off to be sent by post.Standard Reports & Custom Reports

There are standard reports but you can create your own using the report generator.

Dashboard View for Cases, Quotes etcDocument Management
Memos or a central storage of documents can be done using the document management feature.

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