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Interprise Suite Integrated ECommerce

Integrated E-Commerce



The Interprise E-Commerce option offers a one system, one set-up, one business solution scenario. All data entered is instantly available throughout the entire application, completely eliminating the need to move data from system to system.

A unified approach leads to a more efficient organisation. This Integration between Interprise Suite and ASPDotNetStorefront means that there is only one system to set up and maintain. As customers place their orders online, the orders are instantly available within the back end system for processing or customer service inquiries; when inventory information is updated in the 'back end', it is instantly updated on the web for accurate stock availability. The result is complete customer satisfaction which turns into more sales, repeat  business and reduced costs.


Complete Website and Shopping Cart Solution

AspDotNetStorefront for Interprise Suite includes a complete content management system (CMS) for building and maintaining the web store’s content. Web content management features include:

  • Easy, step-by-step checkout process
  • Unlimited categories, departments, manufacturers, products and services
  • HTML editor for summary, description and warranty pages
  • Search engine optimization options
  • Topics and news
  • Polls and product ratings
  • Page settings (show buy button, hide price until cart, require registration to view, etc)


Fully Integrated with Accounting / ERP & CRM

Whether transactions are entered through your web store or through the back office, they are processed identically all the way through to your accounting ledger. This ensures accurate financial data, up to date reporting and a proper audit trail.

  • One central point for all transaction eases financial reporting
  • Stock Quantity is updated in real time with prompt for insufficient stock
  • Payment terms and shipping methods can be assigned on a 'per customer' basis
  • Tax, Coupons, B2B Pricing methods, discounts and more setup in the back office system flow through the web store
  • Customer contact details flow into the CRM module to handle customer activities, cases and opportunities.


Fully Customisable

Both the webstore design and backend business logic is completely customizable for unprecedented flexibility. Website layout and functionality are customizable through template engines (XML packages). XML packages are used to make the web site look and act the way you want. Website appearance is given personality by applying user definable "skins".

  • Create website skins with Macromedia Dreamweaver®
  • Select from a long list of default XML packages, create custom XML packages or order from the AspDotNetStorefront website
  • Interprise Suite is built to be customized in many ways in almost any of its part. There are readily available custom fields for light customizations, the data dictionary and plugins for more complex changes.
  • Interprise Suite source code is available for developers to custom fit the application for their clients.


ESHOPCONNECT - marketplace connectors

If you are looking for a proper backend application to control stock, order processing, drop ship, accounts etc. then the eShopCONNECT module combined with Interprise Suite ERP makes this a reality at an affordable price.

  • Reach out to customers on web marketplaces through eShopCONNECT, a module system designed for businesses using Interprise Suite software to connect with web marketplaces Amazon, Channel Advisors, eBay And
  • eShopCONNECT’s easy-to-use Module System utilizes a Bi-Directional Data Push system from these marketplaces bringing your customer information to you. Each eShopCONNECT module has preferences specific to that marketplace to automate daily transactions. This provides a seamless work flow for your sales data from these marketplaces.
  • eShopCONNECT for marketplaces gives your customers the ability to find you in multiple marketplaces while your company can easily manage their account and purchase information directly from Interprise Suite.




More Info

More Info


Examples of Interprise E-Commerce in Practice


Ebrington Medical

Robb Wines Limited

REA Agencies

Whisky Castle

Molloy Fuels

Carnegie Fuels

Casey Oils

Office Store



Seventies Distribution

UK Tactical

Lanyards Etc

AV Parts Master

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