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Trade Counter & EPOS

Trade Counter & EPOS

BSS Trade Counter Advantages
1. A touch screen Trade counter with facilities like a trade counter but can be used like EPOS.
2. Inclusive Vat pricing but can view Ex vat prices
3. Barcode scanning
4. Signature scanning for charged accounts – either on invoice production or order production
5. Favourite buttons for things like delivery charges and also pictures can be loaded
6. Loads customer data on login locally so speeds are as fast as is possible
7. Loads product data on login locally so speeds are as fast as possible.
8. Accommodates – A4 and Tally roll printers
9. Till drawer enabled
10. Big buttons for Quantity, Price
11. Integrates fully with Interprise pricing- special prices, bands, discounts and unit of measure pricing
12. Verifone integration for credit cards
13. Swipe card enabled for user login
14. Ability to vary prefix character for Barcode scanners
15. Pole display enabled with configurable messages
16. Company tills can be configurable individually e.g. Specific tills can have variable favourites buttons, cash sale accounts or value buttons or pole display messages
17. Configurable Operators and Operator Roles
18. Configurable operator preferences on EPOS for Colour, favourites and Value Buttons
19. We can configure only certain customers to go through the Trade Counter
20. We can flag customers who must have order numbers
21. Signatures can be printed on orders and invoices
22. We can produce bundled/Consolidated invoices at any period at the end of a month etc. which include signatures.
23. Multiple users can be logged in at any one time


24. Does not use regular Interprise printing screen
25. Ability to amend items descriptions, prices and margins depending on access
26. Allows product searches using Interprise categories, availing of a tree like structure.
27. Product Search information is configurable using data dictionary
28. Search can show – Pictures, ItemCode, Item Description, Unit of Measure, Barcode, Wholesale Price, suggested Retail price, Current cost, Units in Stock, Wholesale Profit Margin
29. Muliple Unit of Measure capabilities
30. Last transaction view and reprint
31. Float Management with ability to issue petty cash payments, confirm receipts and enter returned money back into float (e.g. took £10 out to buy stuff, got a receipt for £6 allocated to particular nominal and put £4 back into till) and print z report.
32. Able to add Customers from EPOS
33. Search for customers by Code/Name/Address/City/Area
34. Enter payments on account and print Customer Receipt on Tally Roll printer
35. Allowed to Select and Modify ShipTos for salesPos
36. Allows discount of fixed amount at sale end e.g. Amount required £86.75 but will discount £1.75. this can be discounted of against particular products or just written off.
37. Gross % discount can be put on a sale.
38. Discounts can be controlled by user and by margin % from cost
39. Handles amount tendered and has configurable amount tendered buttons. For £40 can hit £20 button twice.
40. Allows split payments on customer accounts where customer pays part of the balance and charges the rest.
41. Handles serial Numbers – can scan into POS on the way out. Operates with the BSS serial module.

EPOS Trade Counter Video

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